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Advent Fic Calendar Day 1

Title: Winter Winds and Sunset Snows
Fandom: Spooks/MI-5
Characters/Pairings: Ros, Lucas; Ros/Lucas
Request/Prompt/Summary: For the_silverdoe (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xx), Ros/Lucas fluff. Ended up more like Ros/Lucas angst with a bit of fluff, but still! (Plus, Barbados!)

“Do you think it’s snowing in England?”

He takes a second to realise she is talking, mesmerised by the lights the Caribbean sunset casts on her hair. The breeze that drifts through the veranda is unseasonably chilly, even for December, and he knows why she’s suddenly brought up the subject, so long after their unspoken agreement to try to forget.

He reaches his hand out to where she is sitting on the end of the recliner and gently tugs her back so she is lying against him. “Perhaps,” he says simply, tucking his chin over her shoulder. Ordinarily he’d expect her to know, to already have the answer to any question that troubled her, but this is England, the land they had to flee and leave behind so suddenly. The real surprise is that she’d let herself wonder, rather than suppressing any thoughts of home. England, he reminds himself, letting himself get carried away with nostalgia. This is home now.

He shivers, despite the relative warmth, and they both fall silent for a moment.

“I wish we could go back.”

Her voice is so wistful that Lucas’ heart falls. He presses a soft kiss to her temple. “You know we can’t,” he murmurs, holding her that little bit closer.

“I know. I just wish...”

She trails off, staring across the golden ocean to the distant horizon, as if by looking hard and long enough she can see all the way across the Atlantic.

When the rain starts to fall, they both imagine it is snow.

Feel free to request/prompt a fic here!

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